Chairman’s Report

The start of 2002 has seen ANCID actively involved in conducting a number of workshops. In relation to promotion of irrigation in Australia we have conducted two workshops that have reached agreement on an irrigation promotion data network model. A further workshop is planned for August to review a draft business plan that is being prepared by a consultant, to implement the data network model. In June 2002 we conducted a two day workshop to review future directions for the ANCID Benchmarking Project. The input to this workshop was excellent and a revised reporting format will be discussed with participant organisations over the next few weeks. After receiving a personal invitation I attended a World Bank Workshop in Washington in May 2002 to make a presentation on the ANCID benchmarking experience. Arrangements are well in hand for a great conference at Griffith. We have also produced a promotional brochure for the International Asian Regional Conference that ANCID will be hosting in Echuca/Moama in March 2004 (See ANCID Website) Some 10 ANCID members will be attending the ICID Congress in Montreal from 21-28 July, 2002. As Chairman of NPIRD I have been meeting with many members of the ANCID family in putting together a bigger and better Irrigation Research and Development Program. Hopefully this program, which includes many new partners, will be able to provide the high quality research and innovation our industry deserves.