Innovative design: Mab deploys flying robots to clean house

2014-11-23 01:47:48 ancidorg

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Whiteboards Everywhere - Draw on the Walls, You RULE BREAKER!

2014-10-16 18:43:04 ancidorg

Yes, we are encouraging you to break outside of that box and start breaking the rules!

YES – complete freedom to draw everywhere.

Imagine a house where every single wall was a whiteboard that could be filled with doodle, drawings, thoughts, scribbles, ideas, brainstorms, mindmaps, lists, journal entries, art, poetry and so much more.

The expansiveness of thought would sprout into life and you brain would be free to wander up onto the walls anywhere and everywhere in your home.

Sounds ideal to me. How about you?

Grab yourself a bulk pack of expo dry erase markers, a few erasers to leave lying around, and a few ReMARKable whiteboard paint kits to splash up on your walls to create this incredible environment. Within 48 hours of applying, the dream will be real.

Break the rules.

Invite your friends over to break the rules. Tell them they can draw on your walls, hand them some markers, and watch their reactions!

In fact, why not throw one big huge draw on my walls party – that could be a lot of fun and result in some really interesting wall art for your home.


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